The White House Fellowship

“If the sparsely settled American colonies of the late 18th century could produce Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin, and others of superlative talent, breadth and statesmanship, should we not be able to produce in this generation ten times that number? "

David Rockefeller, First Chairman of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships – April 1965

The White House Fellows Program fosters and strengthens
leaders for the betterment of our communities and nation.
Left: President Donald Trump greets the White House Fellows Class of 2017-18.  Right: President Barack Obama meets with the 2009-10 White House Fellows class.

Meet the Fellows

Fellows come from a range of fields and use their diverse backgrounds
to enrich the practice of public policy.


White House Fellows


Confirmed by the Senate


College Presidents / Deans


Business Leaders


Generals / Admirals

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The Impact of the Program

Fellows make notable contributions during their year of service
and continue to impact our communities, our country, and our world
long after their Fellowship year.

The Impact of the Program

Fellows develop a unique network of first-hand understanding (and connection, through the experience of their “fellow Fellows”) across the Executive Branch of government.

The Impact of the Program

Fellows have served every administration since 1965.