Meet the White House Fellows

White House Fellows Class of 2023-24

White House Press release announces the White House Fellows Class of 2023-24.

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Notable White House Fellows

…to name just a few. In all, more than 850 Americans have served as White House Fellows over the 57-year history of the program.

White House Fellows Elected to Public Office

Senate (5)
– Sam Brownback (KS)
– David Karnes (NE)
– Dan Sullivan (AK)
– Tim Wirth (CO)
– Bill Hagerty (TN)

Congress (8)
– Joe Barton (TX)
– Sam Brownback (KS)
– Tom Campbell (CA)
– Brad Carson (OK)
– Sharice Davids (KS)
– Lynn Schenk (CA)
– Tim Wirth (CO)
– Teresa Leger Fernandez (NM)

State Level Officers (9)

– Sam Brownback (KS)
– Gary Carruthers (NM)
– Eric Greitens (MO)
– Wes Moore (MD)

Lt. Governors
– Jeffrey Colyer (KS)

State Comptroller– Tom Campbell (CA)

Insurance Commissioner
– Stephen Poizner, (CA)
– Dave Jones (CA)

State Board of Education
– Reginald Turner (MI)

Rural Telephone Bank Board
– Adis Vila

State Legislators (12)

– David Aronberg (FL)
– Juan Garcia (TX)
– Dave Jones (CA)
– Jeffrey Colyer (KS)
– Sam Brownback (KS)
– Tom Campbell (CA)
– David Aronberg (FL)
– Kim Zachos (NH)
– Robert R. Lee (ID)
– Corey Wilson (MS)
– Judy Rosenstreich (VT)
– David Cleary (MN)

Judges/State Attorney (3)

– Catherine Anderson (MN)
– Nelson Diaz, Court of Common Pleas (Phil.)
– David Aronberg (State Atty., Palm Beach)

Mayors (3)
– Henry Cisneros (San Antonio)
– Muliefi Hannemann (Honolulu)
– Tom Leppert (Dallas)

City Councils/County Executives (5)
– Robert Marbut (San Antonio)
– Richard Balzhiser (Ann Arbor, MI)
– Keith Crisco (City Council – Asheboro, NC)
– Ike Leggett (Montgomery County Council Member)
– Tom Williams (68-69) – elected to the Eugene, Oregon City Council

Other Local Elective Office (1)

– Kevin Monroe, School Board

White House Fellows Confirmed by Senate

Cabinet Secretaries: 3

  • State Dept. – Colin Powell
  • Housing and Urban Development – Henry Cisneros
  • Labor Dept. and Transportation Dept. – Elaine L. Chao

Agency Heads: 13

  • Administrator for Medicare and Medicaid; Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Bill Roper
  • Army – Francis Harvey
  • Army, Assistant Secretary, Research and Development; Acting Secretary of the Army – Percy Pierre
  • Director of the National Institute of Justice – James “CHIPS” Stewart
  • INS – Doris Meissner
  • Navy – Carlos Del Toro
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff – Colin Powell
  • Office of Director of National Intelligence – Dennis Blair
  • Peace Corps – Elaine L. Chao
  • National Nuclear Security Administration – Frank Klotz
  • Millennium Challenge Corp. – Paul Applegarth
  • Maritime Commission – Elaine L. Chao (Chairman)
  • Executive Director of the Interagency Council on Homelessness  – Robert Marbut

Ambassadors: 14

  • El Salvador and Panama – Mari Carmen Aponte
  • India – David Mulford
  • Japan – Michael Armacost
  • Japan – Bill Hagerty
  • Kenya – Scott Gration
  • Malta – Douglas Kmiec
  • Moldova – Lou ONeill
  • Philippines – Michael Armacost
  • Tanzania – David C. Miller
  • Zimbabwe – David C. Miller
  • Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom – Suzan Johnson Cook
  • Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom – Sam Brownback
  • Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, rank of Ambassador – Dan Feldman
  • U.S. Trade Representative (ambassador rank) – Michael Froman

Deputy/Under Secretaries: 12

  • Army – Brad Carson
  • Defense – Clifford Stanley
  • Defense — Robert Gordon
  • Energy – Dan Poneman
  • Energy – Frank Klotz
  • Homeland Security – Ronald J. Clark
  • Homeland Security – John Tien
  • State Dept. – Michael Armacost
  • State – Timothy Wirth
  • Transportation – Elaine L. Chao
  • Treasury – David Mulford
  • Treasury – Lael Brainard
  • Veterans Affairs – Scott Gould
  • Veterans Affairs for Health — Shereef Elnahal 

Assistant Secretaries: 17

  • Air Force – Rodney Coleman
  • Army – Percy Pierre
  • Commerce – Lew Cramer
  • Commerce – Michael Zacharia
  • HHS – Fernando Torres Gil
  • Interior – Garrey Carruthers
  • Labor – Raymond Jefferson
  • Labor – Bill Kilberg
  • Labor – Mary Sterling Schiavo
  • Navy – Juan Garcia
  • Navy – Tom Harvey
  • State – Kurt Campbell
  • State – Arthur Dewey
  • State – Dan Sullivan
  • State – Julia Taft
  • Veterans Affairs – Raul Perea-Henze
  • Department of Agriculture – Adis Vila

General Counsels: 6

  • Dept. of Army — Brad Carson
  • Dept. of Education — Betsy Levin
  • HUD – Nelson Diaz
  • Veterans Affairs – Will Gunn
  • Solicitor – Labor – Bill Kilberg
  • EPA – Jeff Prieto

Inspector General: 1

  • Dept. Transportation – Mary Schiavo

Federal Reserve Board: 1

  • Lael Brainard

Judges – Circuit Court Judges

  • Margaret McKeown
  • Deanell Tacha
  • Cory Wilson

US Attorneys: 3

  • Wilfredo Ferrer
  • David Iglesias
  • John McKay

Board of Directors: 1

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting — Marshall Turner

White House Fellows: Generals/Admirals



  • Rice, Edward: former Commander, USAF Education and Training Command
  • Johns, Raymond: former Commander of USAF Mobility Command

Lt. Generals

  • Caine, Dan: Lieutenant General, Associate Director for Military Affairs, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Clark, Richard: former Commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Defense Attache, Cairo, Egypt; Commander of Eighth U.S. Air Force (Air Forces Strategic); Lieutenant General and Superintendent of USAFA
  • Hawkins, Stacy: Lieutenant General, Air Force Sustainment Center
  • Klotz, Frank: former Director of the Air Staff, HQ; former Commander, U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command; Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security and Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Administration
  • Pustay, John: former President of the National Defense University

Major Generals

  • Barry, John: Executive Secretary of the Challenger and Discovery shuttle disasters; former Superintendent of Schools, Aurora, CO; President of Denver Boys and Girls Club; CEO of Air Museum of the Rockies
  • Borling, John: former Chief of Staff, HQ Allied Forces, North Europe
  • Dunlop, Dawn: Former Director of Operational Capability Requirements and the first woman to fly the F-22
  • Fryer, John: former Commandant of the National War College, former Superintendent of Schools in Jacksonville, FL
  • Gration, Jonathan (Scott): former J-5, U.S. European Command; Former U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan; former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya
  • Jayne, Randy: former Air National Guard Assistant to the Commander of Air Force Space Command, currently Managing Partner, Heidrick and Struggles
  • Lewis, Rodney D.: Director, Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force Executive Action Group

Brigadier Generals

  • Ayyar, Balan: former Commander, USAF Recruiting Service; former Commander, CJIATF-435, U.S. Forces Afghanistan; currently COO of Sevatech, Inc.
  • Baxter, Robert: Chairman RHB III Holdings
  • Doorenbos, Bobbi: Military Deputy, HAF A3T
  • Edmonds, Bob: former Operations Officer, National Military Command Center, Senior Executive Lead for Marketing at Elbit Systems of America
  • George, Jonathan: former Director of Plans & Program, Air Combat Command, former Director of Strategic Security Policy, National Security Council, candidate for Congress in Indiana’s Ninth District
  • Lyman, Rob: Director of U.S. TRANSCOM J-6
  • McClintock, Bruce: former Executive Officer to the Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Defense, Defense Attaché to Russia
  • Orcutt, Dan: Commander, 308th Air Expeditionary Wing, South West Asia
  • Roe, David: Principal Director of NATO Policy, USD for International Security Policy; Former President of U.S Life Insurance Company; former President of Central College, Pella, IA
  • Stukel, Donald: former Commander of the Air Force Contract Management Division, Air Force Systems Command
  • Thornton, William: former Director of Air, Space and Information Operations, Air Force Material Command
  • Warr, Dartanian: former Director of Staff, HQ Air Materiel Command Director, Crown Equipment Corporation

ARMY (18)


  • Clark, Wesley: former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR)
  • Powell, Colin: former Chairman, JCS; Secretary of State

Lt. Generals

  • Bostick, Tom: Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Caldwell, William: former Commanding General 4th U.S. Army; President, George Military College
  • Janovic, Ryan: Commanding General, Cyber Center of Excellence, Fort Eisenhower, GA
  • Lennox William: former Superintendent of U.S. Military Academy; President of St. Leo’s University in Tampa, FL
  • Melcher, David: former Deputy Chief of Staff, A-8, HQDA; former CEO of Excelis, Inc. Currently President and CEO of Aerospace Industries Association
  • Moellering, John: former Director of the Army Staff; former Chairman of USAA
  • Wood, John: former Deputy Commander, U.S. Forces Command
  • Woodmansee, John: former Commander, U.S. V Corps, Europe

Major Generals

  • Loeffke, Bernard: former Commanding General, U.S. Army South; former President, Inter-American Defense Board; former Defense attaché, Moscow and Beijing
  • Scott, Bruce: former Command of U.S. Army Security Assistance Command; Executive Director of the George M. Olmsted Foundation
  • Price, Barrye: former Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Cadet Command, Deputy Chief of Staff G-1, HQ United States Army
  • Stephenson, Richard: former Commander of U.S. Army Operation Test and Evaluation Agency

Brigadier Generals

  • Berwick, Bruce: former Commander, U.S. Army Engineer Mississippi River Division
  • Dawkins, Peter: Heisman Trophy 1959, former CEO Trans America, Former Vice Chairman, Citigroup Private Bank
  • Fenzel, Michael: Director of Strategic Plans for US Forces Afghanistan and the NATO Resolute Support Mission
  • Sutton, Loree: former Commander, DeWitt Army Hospital, Founding Director of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury; Commissioner for Veterans Affairs, New York City

NAVY (14)


  • Blair, Dennis: former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Command; former Director of National Intelligence
  • Edney, Leon: former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
  • Larson, Charles: former CINCPAC and Superintendent, USNA
  • Munsch, Stuart: Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe/Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Africa/Commander, Allied Joint Forces Command, Naples
  • Walsh, Pat: former Vice Chief of Naval Operations; former Commander U.S. Pacific Fleet

Vice Admirals

  • Cullom, Phillip: former Commander, Carrier Group Eight; Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics
  • Oliver, Daniel: former Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, HQUSN; former President of the Naval Postgraduate School
  • Rondeau, Ann: former President, National Defense University
  • Miller, John: former Commander of U.S. 5th Fleet

Rear Admirals

  • Evans, Marsha: former President of the Naval Postgraduate School and Director, the George Marshal Center, former Executive Director of the Girl Scouts of America, former President of the American Red Cross
  • Kubic, Charles: former Commander, FIRST Naval Construction Division and Commander, Naval Construction Forces Command
  • Montgomery, Mark: former Deputy J-5, U.S. European Command; Commander of Battle Force 7th Fleet and Carrier Strike Group Five
  • Piercey, Patrick: former Commander Carrier Strike Group 9, Director Maritime Operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet.
  • Studeman, Mike: SOUTHCOM, J2


Major Generals

  • Grinalds, John: former Superintendent of The Citadel
  • Stanley, Clifford: former Commander of the USMC Training Command, former President and CEO of Scholarship America, former Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.

Brigadier Generals

  • Shea, Roberta (Bobbi): Acting/Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia, US Marine Corps

White House Fellows: Business & Nonprofit Leaders

  • Alcala, Raoul: President Acala Enterprises
  • Alving, Amy: Chief Technology Officer SAIC
  • Amlani, Ajay: founder, YOU Technology
  • Anderson, Joe: Chairman and CEO of TAG Holdings, LLC
  • Anderson, Paul: SVP of Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Anthony, Paul: CEO, Callidus Biopharma
  • Applegarth, Paul: CEO Millennium Challenge Corp. (A presidential appointee), President, Value Enhancement International
  • Atkin, Tim: EVP, SRA International
  • Baer, Walter, Chief Technology Officer, Times Mirror Company
  • Baker, Brad: CEO Nexus Biometrics
  • Barnes, Andy: CEO, Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (PADC); President, Stapleton Development Corporation, CEO Broadacre Pacific Company
  • Barenz, Lindsay: CEO, Maxamo
  • Basu, Pat: President, Virtual Radiology Physicians
  • Baukol, Ron: SVP, 3M
  • Belknap, Maggie: SVP State Street Bank, Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase
  • Bennett, Tom: Chairman, First Oklahoma Bank
  • Bere, David: President McCain Foods President and CEO, Dollar General Stores
  • Berger, Laurence: CEO, Amplify Education, CEO, Wireless Generation, Inc.
  • Berns, Scott: President and CEO, National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ)
  • Boelhouwer, Pieter: Managing Director of Ayer Capital
  • Borling, John: Chair, PCG Worldwide, Chair, Performance Consulting Group
  • Bostic, Jim: SVP, Georgia Pacific
  • Bremer, Lou: Managing Director of Cerberus Capital, Partner and Managing Director of Bain Capital
  • Buxton, John: Founder, Education Innovations Group
  • Caine, Dan: CEO Caine Group
  • Carter, Marshal: CEO of NYSE Euronext, CEO of State Street Bank
  • Caulfield, Erich: President, Caulfield Consulting Group
  • Chess, Robert: Chairman Nektar Therapeutics
  • Chin, Carolyn: Chair and CEO, Cebiz
  • Cholmondeley, Paula: CEO, The Sorrel Group
  • Christensen, Clayton: CEO, Ceramics Process Systems
  • Clark, Wesley: Chairman and CEO, Wesley K. Clark and Associates, Managing Director for Merchant Banking, Stevens, Inc.
  • Cobb, Dennis: CEO, DCC Group, Inc.
  • Colton, Kent: CEO, National Association of Home Builders
  • Conde, Cesar: President Univision International, SVP NBC Universal
  • Conway, Patrick: President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
  • Copaken, Richard: CEO, Epagogix, Ltd., Founder and President
  • Copen, Melvyn, Director of Strategic Planning and Economic Analysis for Westinghouse, Director of International Planning for Gould, Inc.
  • Coy, Craig: CEO, Command Security Corp., CEO, Massachusetts Port Authority
  • Cox, Darlene: President and CEO of The University Hospital of New Jersey
  • Cramer, Lew: President, World Trade Center Utah, President and CEO, CBC Advisors, Caldwell Banker
  • Crisco, J. Keith: President and CEO of Asheboro Elastics
  • Danaher, John: CEO QuickCompliance, President, Elsevier Reed, President Kaplan School of Health Science and Nursing, EVP of WebMD
  • Dawkins, Peter: Vice Chairman, CitiGroup Private Bank
  • De Luca, John: President of The Wine Institute
  • Del Toro, Carlos: President, SBG Technology Solutions
  • Dempsey, Jason: Founder AgentHero
  • Denend, Les: Chairman, Long Meadow Ranch Winery
  • Dimitrief, Alex: SVP and General Counsel, GE
  • Douglas, Priscilla: President, Priscilla H. Douglas Associates
  • Downs, Tom: Chairman and CEO Amtrak; Chairman Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA), President of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, President, CEO of the National Association of Home Builders
  • Drake, Hudson: President Aerospace and Electronics, Teledyne
  • Drysdale, George: Chairman and CEO, Marsman Drysdale Group
  • Dyke, Wade: President, Kaplan University
  • Dykman, J.T., President, National Realty Investors, President and CEO, Executive Partners, Inc., Chairman and CEO, Telecom Specialists, Inc.
  • Evans, Marsha: Commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association
  • Fairbairn, Ursula: President and CEO of Fairbairn Group LLC, EVP for Human Resources, American Express; EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of American Express and Union Pacifica
  • Ferguson, Stephanie: President & CEO Stephanie L. Ferguson & Associates, LLC
  • Fiederowicz, Walter: Chairman, Colonial Data Technologies
  • Fiske, Peter: CEO PAX Water Technologies, Inc.
  • Friedman, Alex: Group CEO of GAM Holding AG, Global Chief Investment Officer for UBS
  • Froman, Michael: CEO, CitiInsurance, part of Citigroup
  • Garcia, Charles: CEO Garcia Trujillo Holdings, LLC
  • Garg, Sonny: President, Exelon Power, SVP HR, Exelon
  • Gill, Stephen: President and CEO Gill Media, Inc.
  • Glueck, Jeff: Co-Founder Site.59 (precursor to Travelocity); CEO Skyfire Labs, CEO Foursquare
  • Golub, Lawrence: CEO Golub Capital
  • Gould, Scott: CEO, O’Gara Company, EVP CareFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Gration, Scott: CEO, The Gration Group, LLC; CEO, Mulami Books, LLC; and CEO Millennium Villages
  • Greco, Richard: CEO Filangieri Capital Advisors
  • Greenstone Miller, Jody: CEO Business Talent Group
  • Grusky, Robert: President RSL Investments, Founder and Managing Member of
  • Hope Capital Management, LLC
  • Hall Jeffrey: CEO,; CEO of West Side Today
  • Haas, Robert: President and CEO, Levi Strauss
  • Hanneman, Mufi: President Hawaii Hotels
  • Hanson, John: President and CEO, Global Joy, Inc., Chairman, President and CEO, Clarcor Inc., Chairman, President and CEO Harnischfeger Industries, Inc.
  • Harty, Stephen: Chairman Bartle Bogle Hegerty
  • Heavner, Robert, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Vanguard Credit, KSB, Inc., and Presentek, Inc.
  • Heilmeier, George: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bellcore Labs (Telecordia Technologies), Director, DARPA, Chief Technology Officer, Texas Instruments, Member, National Inventors Hall of Fame
  • Hess, Greg: SVP Symphony Health Solutions
  • Hill, Steven: SVP for HR, Weyerhaeuser
  • Hirsch, Charles: Managing Partner MHz International Group, LLC
  • Howard, Samuel: Chair, Phoenix Holdings
  • Humann, Walter: Chairman, Executive Committee, Hunt Oil, President and CEO of WJH Corporation, Inc., VP for Commercial Operations, LTV Corporation
  • Huang, Eugene, VP for Strategy and Planning for the Enterprise Growth Group, American Express
  • Iverson, Erik: Chief of Staff to the CEO of Cognizant
  • Jayne, Randy: President and COO of Insituform Mid-America; and President, McDonnell Douglas Missile Systems Company
  • Johnson, Tom: CEO, CNN; Publisher LA Times and Dallas Times Herald
  • Joss, Bob: CEO Wespac Banking Corporation
  • Kaiser, Edgar: President and CEO, Kaiser Resources, Majority Interest in the Denver Broncos Football Team, Chairman and CEO of the Bank of British Columbia,
  • Kang, Jeffrey: SVP Walgreens
  • Karnes, David: President and CEO, The Fairmont Group
  • Kelley, Nancy: President Nancy J. Kelley and Associates
  • Kilberg, Bobbie: President and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council
  • Kilberg, William: Chairman of the Board of Vorbeck Corporation
  • Ku, Andy: Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn
  • Kubic, Charles: President, Kubic Engineering Group, LLC
  • Lain, Jackie: President, Learning List
  • Leppert, Thomas: Chairman and CEO, The Turner Corporation; CEO, Kaplan, Inc.
  • Levin, Peter: CEO, Amida Technology Solutions (founder)
  • Levitan, Michael: CEO, Courseload, Inc.
  • Loughridge, Jerome: CEO Great White Energy Sources
  • Lundquist, Jerry: Managing Director of McKinsey & Company
  • James, Kellee: CEO, Mercaris
  • James, Sarita: President, Embark
  • Jones, Thomas: President Fifth Generation Computer Corporation
  • Lupica, Joseph: President, Stroudwater Capital, Chairman Newpoint Health Advisors LLC
  • Marenco, Julissa: President, Telemundo ZGS Group
  • McBeth, Vincent: President McBeth Group International
  • McConahey, Steve: President and CEO of Everen Securities, CEO of SGM Capital, LLC
  • McFarlane, Bud: CEO, McFarlane Associates
  • McGeehin, Joseph: Chief of Staff to the CEO of Morgan Stanley
  • McLaughlin, Sean: CEO EZE Castle Software
  • Mead, Dana: CEO Tenneco Inc., President, National Association of Manufacturers, Chairman Business Roundtable, SVP, International Paper; CEO of the MIT Corporation
  • Melcher, David: CEO of Exelis, Inc, CEO of ITT Defense and Information Solutions: President and CEO Aerospace Industries Association
  • Michael, Emil: VP for Business, Uber
  • Mock, Lawrence: President, Mellon Ventures
  • Moellering, John: Chairman of USAA, President and CEO of Lear Siegler Aircraft
  • Monroe, Kevin: Audit Partner Deloitte & Touche
  • Myers, Mary Lynn: SVP U.S. Bank
  • Naples, Ron: CEO of Quaker Oil Company, Chairman and CEO of Hunt Manufacturing Corporation
  • Neizer, Meredith: President, MBX Logistics
  • Nelson, Tom: Chairman, President and CEO of National Gypsum Company
  • Neuman, David: President, Disney Television
  • O’Hanlon, Patrick: Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • O’Meara, Vicki: President, Pitney Bowes and Pitney Bowes Service Solutions, Chair, The Essequibo Group
  • Nogales, Luis: CEO, UPI; CEO Univision
  • Padilla, James: President of the Ford Motor Company
  • Parker, Wood: President and CEO TASC, Inc,
  • Parris, Mark: CEO Cirrus Health
  • Patricelli, Robert: Chairman and CEO, Women’s Health USA
  • Peluso, Michelle: CEO of Travelocity, CEO of Gilt Groupe
  • Pfeiffer, Jane Cahill: CEO of NBC
  • Pham, Kien: Principal, Red Square Vietnam
  • Ramirez, Austin: President and CEO of HUSCO International
  • Rayzor, Joyce, President and CEO, Integrated Systems Management, Inc.
  • Readinger, Mark: President, P&H Mining Equipment Co.; President and CEO, Renaissance Power Systems, LLC
  • Reffkin, Robert, Founder and CEO, Compass
  • Rhodes, David: Vice President, MCR Civil Programs
  • Riegger, Geri, VP-EDP Operations, Empire Blue Cross-Blue Shield, New York
  • Robbins, Ken: Founder and CEO AgentHero
  • Robison, George: President GSR Consulting
  • Roe, David: President of Reliastar, President of U.S. Life Insurance Company
  • Ross, Allison: President of Smart Finance & Company
  • Rustand, Warren: CEO, Providence Service Corporation
  • Ryu, Jaewon: President of Humana Integrated Care Delivery
  • Samora, Joseph: SVP CNH Industrial
  • Saponas, Thomas: Chair, Process Networks, Chair, NGimat
  • Shepard, Geoffrey: President, Corporate Division, Karl Barth (AXA)
  • Shephard, John: President Newport News Industrial Company; CEO, Pallas Athena Group
  • Simms, David: President, Opportunity U.S., Partner Bridgespan Group, and SVP Financial Services for MBNA America
  • Schweitzer, Brandon: CEO Guy Carpenter Corporation
  • Sheen, Edward: Chief Medical Officer, Market Development and Solution Design, at Lumeris
  • Shull, Tom: Chairman and CEO Wise Foods, CEO Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
  • Spaeth, Merrie: President Spaeth Communications
  • Stamberger, Richard: Founder and CEO, SmartBrief, Inc.
  • Stanley, Cliff: CEO of the EGA Group
  • Stautberg, Susan: President, PartnerCom Corporation, Founder and Co-Chair Of Women Corporate Directors, and Founder Belizean Grove
  • Taylor, Stuart: President and CEO, S TEC
  • Tien, John: Managing Director, Citigroup
  • Till, Kimberly: President and CEO Harris Interactive, SVP of International Operations and General Manager of AOL International, and SVP for Strategic Planning and Marketing for SONY Corporation of America
  • Turner, Marshall: Chairman and CEO of DuPont Photomasks, Inc.
  • Ullman, Myron (Mike): CEO, JC Penny, Corp.; CEO, RH Macy, Inc. DFS Group
  • Veblen, Tom: The Superior Business Firm Roundtable
  • Venkayya, Rajeev: EVP Vaccines, Takada Pharmaceuticals
  • Von Lipsey, Rod: Managing Director, UBS
  • Walsh, Mike: CEO Cummins Engines, Tenneco and Union Pacific
  • Walsh, Patrick: SVP of iSight Partners
  • Warner, Leigh: CEO, Thorsell, Parker Partners, The Walton Group
  • Weathersby, George: CEO of Young Presidents Organization International, Chairman and CEO, Genesys Solutions LLC, and President of Oxford Management
  • Webb, William: President and CEO
  • Webster, William: Chairman, Advance America Advance Cash Centers
  • Weiland, John: President and COO of C.R. Bard, Inc.
  • Williams, Tom: President TRW Enterprises
  • Wood, Bob (LTG): EVP Defense, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
  • Woodmansee, Jack: CEO, Tactical & Reserve Gear, Ltd.
  • Yasinski, John: Chair and CEO, OMNOVA Solutions, Chair and CEO GenCorp, President, Westinghouse
  • Young, Woody: Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Company, LLC
  • Zapanta, Albert: President, US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

White House Fellows College Presidents/Deans

University Presidents (26)

– Central College of Iowa – David Roe
– Colby College – William Cotter
– Colorado College – Tom Cronin
– Georgia Military College – William Caldwell
– Indiana University – Adam Herbert
– Kansas Board of Regents – Reginald Robinson
– Kaplan University – Wade Dyke
– Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Dana Mead
– National Defense University – John Borlling
– National Defense University – John Putsay
– National Defense University – Ann Rondeau
– Naval Postgraduate School – Daniel Oliver
– New Mexico State University – Garry Carruthers
– North Dakota University System Chancellor, Mark Hagerott
– Purdue University; Iowa State University – Martin Jischke
– Prairie View A&M – Percy Pierre
– State University System of Florida – Adam Herbert
– St. Leo University – William Lennox
– The Citadel – John Grinalds
– University of Delaware – Patrick Harker
– University of North Florida – Adam Herbert
– U.S. Air Force Academy – Richard Clark
– U.S. Naval Post Graduate School – Dan Oliver
– U.S. Naval Academy – Chuck Larson
– U.S. Military Academy – William Lennox
– Washington College – Mitchell Reiss
– Whitman College – Tom Cronin

Deans Professional Schools (27)

Business Schools
– Stanford – Robert Joss
– The Citadel – Earl Walker
– UC Berkeley – Tom Campbell
– University of Mass. – Tom Obrien
– U. Penn Wharton – Patrick Harker
– New Mexico Statue Univ. Garrey Carruthers
– Our Lady of the Lake Univ. – Earl Walker

Law Schools
– Capital University – Reynaldo Anaya Valencia
– Chapman University – Tom Campbell
– Pepperdine – Deanell Tacha
– U of Colorado – Betsy Levin
– Catholic Law School – Douglas Kmeic

Medical Schools
– UNC School of Medicine – Bill Roper
– Columbia University, Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons – Sharon Kiely

School of Foreign Diplomacy
– Georgetown – Peter Krogh

School of Public Policy
– U of Maryland, Robert Orr

Graduate School of Public Administration / Government
– NYU – Howard Newman
– Regent U. – Eric Patterson
– UCLA – Fernando Torres Gil

College of Engineering
– Howard – Percy Pierre

School of Management
– U. Minn. — Preston Townley
– U. Mass – Tom Obrien

School of Public Health / Nursing
– U. North Carolina – William Roper
– U. Michigan – Gil Omenn
– Mount St. Mary’s College – Diane Vines

School of Graduate Studies and Research
– Boston University – Peter Levin
– Michigan State – Percy Pierre (vice president)

NATO Defense College – Richard Hooker

Biographies of the Recent Classes of White House Fellows

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