WHF Profile: Adam Scher (2019-20)

My goal in applying for the fellowship was to translate my tactical experiences into a broader strategic and political context. I hoped to widen my aperture by stepping outside of combat operations and working closely with senior civilian leaders who make policy decisions on the use of force and national security. 

As the self identified government geek in my White House Fellowship class, I was honored to be placed in the Office of Management and Budget, working for the Program Associate Director of National Security Programs. In that role, I contributed to drafting the President’s Budget Request for the Departments of Defense, State, Veteran’s Affairs, and the Intelligence Community, totaling over $1 trillion dollars. My role, like everyone else’s, shifted at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic. I joined the team that prepared the Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force meetings and supported the distribution of testing supplies to over 54 states, territories and tribal authorities. 

After the Fellowship, I was selected by the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Covid to serve as his Executive Officer, during the first ever deployment of active duty medical personnel to assist in a nationwide community vaccination campaign. 

As a Fellow, your placement at the highest level of the federal government lasts for one year, but the Fellowship lasts a lifetime. I continue to be mentored by many alumni, my classmates are close friends, and I embrace the opportunity to support and champion future applicants across all sectors and communities.